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Monday, December 14, 2009

It's time to re-format this blog.

I used this particular blog to post my entries into the 2006 NaNoWriMo contest - which I completed by the way! However, I didn't actually *finish* this story. I'm now in the process of completing "Homebrew" and I hope to have it and "With Hesitant Stride" ready for the NaNoEdMo (National Novel Editing Month) coming up in March of 2010.

In order to make the change, I'm going to re-post what I've already written in chapter form. I've got 10 chapters done, one chapter mostly done and one chapter about half done. Those will be individual posts. As I finish Chapters 11 and 12, I'll edit their posts to show the new material and then I'll be creating posts for Chapters 13 through 24 and the Epilogue.

In the mean time, I need funds to buy some new software. I live, right now, on a very small Social Security Disability check and my budget is too tight to afford the three software apps I want, so please, if you enjoy what I've written for "Homebrew" and want to show your appreciation, please click on the "Make a Donation button that appears below my left-side Amazon ad. It will take you to Paypal where you can make a small donation. I'm talking $1-$10 here, not a whole bucket of money. Of course, you could *also* go to my main blog and then to my NuStep blog and make a donation to my fund to buy a NuStep T5xr. Yes, those puppies are *EXPENSIVE* but I'm way too heavy to use a regular exercycle and at my weight, it is risky for me to do regular exercise - if I fall down and twist an ankle or knee my recuperation time is measured in months!

(Yes, I fully acknowledge that at 585 pounds I'm far too overweight and it *IS* my own damned fault. And right now, I'm focusing on getting a NuStep and committing to doing 1-3 hours per DAY to bring myself down far enough to add in a regular exercise program. Think of helping me get a NuStep as an investment in promoting better fitness so I'll complete "Homebrew" and "With Hesitant Stride" faster.)


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